Sync your Outlook calendar events on mac calendar

Mac calendar app

If you have an free personal Microsoft Outlook account with the extensions:,,, etc. you may find it difficult to add your calendars into iCal. The Exchange option doesn’t work with the free personal email, and CalDAV accounts can be troublesome. Then the steps below will show you how to sync your Outlook calendar events into iCal, Mac’s calendar app.

The work around is to make your iCal subscribe to your Outlook calendar.

  1. Log into your Outlook account

    This will bring you into your inbox. So you will need to navigate to the calendar section.

  2. Make sure you’re in the Outlook Calendar section

    Outlook calendar options
    Head over to the top left corner to select the calendar applications. Alternatively, you can select the little calendar icon near the bottom left corner.

  3. Navigate to the options

    navigate to options
    Click on the little gear cog and navigate to the options.

  4. Under ‘Shared calendars’, locate ‘Calendar publishing’

    locate calendar publishing

  5. Create new publishing

    Now click create¬†under ‘Show availabilities, titles, and locations’. This will show a two links. Copy the ICS link to your clipboard.

  6. Add new calendar subscription

    new calendar subscription

    In iCal, File -> New calendar subscription.

  7. Paste the ICS link here

    enter ics

  8. Choose your alerts and options.

    You can choose how often to update your subscriptions and whether you want to mute these alerts and notifications.

  9. Enjoy all your calendars on your Mac.

Every time you add a new event to your outlook calendar, it will propagate to your calendar, and will update depending on the update frequency you set.

This is especially useful if you use your Outlook account for some websites such as flights or Ebay, where it will automatically add events to your calendar. Using this method, you will be able to view these events on your Mac.

This will also mean any previous and future events that you added on your Outlook will also be ‘synced’.