Project Drift

an action adventure vr game

For Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Full immersion comes from complete control, but current locomotion solutions are far too restrictive. So we've developed a solution that we'd like to share... something you'll love.

Comfortable & Intuitive

With our unique locomotion system, you will be immersed in our world. No motion sickness and easy to learn. Our system is inspired by the strokes of swimming, tweaked and tuned to provide the most pleasing movement yet.

Fluid & Gripping Combat

Combined with the freedom of our locomotion system, combat is dynamic and fluid. Harnessing the ability to traverse the around the opponent, no longer is combat static and limiting.

Freedom to Explore the World

Not limited by locomotion, you are presented with an open world to traverse. Explore the world how it was meant to be. No more abrupt teleportation. Wave shooters are the past. This is the future.

 Development Preview


Help us build our dream into reality.